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Finding Paola Through Fanm Djanm

With a gorgeous smile and a radiating sense of style to match, Haitian beauty Paola Mathe is the founder of Fanm Djanm, a collection of head-wraps dedicated to strong women around the world.

Starring equally stunning women with their wraps uniquely placed on their heads, their colorful photo-shoot for their lookbook brings a message of bond, beauty and diversity.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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People Magazine’s #MostBeautiful Woman of the Year, Lupita Nyong’o sits down with another beauty icon, Alek Wek.

Watch as two beautiful and incredibly inspiring East African women sit down and talk about the importance of representation, unapologetically being yourself, and not forgetting that no matter how different one is perceived in the world, one can always be beautiful.

One of the phrases that truly sticks with me, said by Alek Wek, is when she states, “I’m so normal”. I’ve often heard people refer to her beauty as ‘alien’ and out-of-the-ordinary, but what many who do this often forget is that Alek Wek sees herself as none of that. She comes from a whole host of people who carry the same features that, according to white and Western standards of beauty, seem rare or unconventional.

Using any word that seeks to strip her appearance of any normalcy, casting her in ‘shoots and editorials that enhance and contrast her differences - especially when racially motivated, as I’ve often seen done - are both acts of othering and of enabling white supremacy.


Adama Paris Fall 2014 Lookbook.

Tartan patterns inspired by the infamous “Ghana-Must-Go” bags takes center stage in Senegalese designer Adama Amanda Ndiaye’s lookbook for her Fall 2014 collection.


Brand: Nicetrads

Summer 2014 “We Are Royals” Collection

Model: Jazz Wilkins

Stylist: Alessandra Gold/Beatriz Melicio

Makeup & Hair: Khadine Ali

Model: Jelani Marcus

Stylist: Funeshaw

Makeup & Hair: Jude Andam MUA

Art Direction: Funeshaw

Photography: Tommy Chung


Wheiz Dhurm Franklin for Vlisco
Photography: Onwumere Chucks
Stylist: Wisdom Anaba
Asst. Stylist: Michael O’Shumaker
Model: Angela Egbadon

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Mazel John is launching on May 5th.

Love this lookbook!

the shades and textures (especially in the last one) gave me legit goosebumps.

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Betty for Muse ‘12

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The Festival of Fatimah

saada for yanghi, 2013


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